Friday, August 8, 2014

Tranquil space enhances a creative awakening

I mostly become mentally stimulated whilst diving deepest into my soul and self, thinking of what lies beyond while simultaneously appreciating what is--the beauty that has originated around me. In order to create, I need to be in the right mind set, but also in the right space--something that enhances my creative mind. Waking up this morning I felt as though a tranquil, creative day was due (motherhood is about to begin any day, and alone-time or creative-time is going to run sparse). So, I ventured to my aunt's boho-chic home to spend the day creating.

Random belongings that made the ride with me:
~ A vintage sterling silver bowl
~ Tea bags
~ Paper and paintbrushes
~ Sea shells, coral, and rocks
~ My Nikon 40X
~ The lavender and sun-colored wildflowers (fresh from my aunt's backyard) + green leafs

I chose to set my belongings on top of a wooden table that sits beneath a tree. The sunlight peaked through the openings of tree's leafs, allowing for shadows to cast onto the table and dance around joyfully. While looking around, I couldn't help but to incorporate the lavender and sun-colored wildflowers that grow all around my aunt's backyard. I didn't know what I was going to do with my supplies until my mind was shut off and the creative juices began to flow.

I made my own color pigments with the wildflowers and leafs-- purple, yellow, and green-- and a sand color with tea. Then I painted a mountainous landscape that now hangs on my bedroom wall next to a piece of baby's breathe. 


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